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Case 1- Adding new value by well planned renovation works

We want full renovation works, not only surface remodeling.” This is how our client point out their main focus of renovation plan. The condo was designed by a famous architect and was built in 1992. Though the condo was built with the latest architect technology, it needed change and improvement in order to have all required functions as new condo after 26 years.

We decide to remove all of existing floor and partition walls so that we can plan the new layout with scratch and importantly to replace old steel pipe system to the latest HIVP pipe system. We did not not forget to add home LAN and Fiber Optic Internet Cable at the same time.

New Kitchen and Bathroom

It is always fun to select kitchen and bathroom, however as a renovation planner, it is also the most difficult decision you have to make. If you have experience to replace your kitchen, you may have checked some of kitchen makers to find the one you want. It is same way for us to select the kitchen, bathroom and powder room though we can choose from every parts over 10000 different design. The good starting point is the original design.

Let’s see the original design

OK, it was Red. Having vivid color cabinet and marble cooking top was very popular in early 90’s. Having breakfast table with high chairs was also very “Hip”. Then what we can do for the new kitchen. Our answer is following,

We choose White color kitchen. We also remove the breakfast table in order to add more cabinets and sliding door so that it can be hidden from guests in case it is necessary. The location of cooking stove, oven, dishwasher and water tap are re-constructed to match modern life style.

Next step is bathroom renovation. There are two important rules, following the same color of kitchen is the first rule. The finishing of renovation work depends on how you can keep same view for every color and material selections. It also helps you to select the floor and wall colors at the end of renovation work. The 2nd rule is using the latest model available. It used to be bit dark and closed feeling in order to keep water and moisture inside of bathroom until year of 2000. It becomes more light and open fleeing by the latest development of materials. Let’s see the difference.

Using marble in bathroom was popular in a high-end condo until year of 2000. The weakness of this material is water permeating over years. The yellow colored spot you can see in the photo can not be removed even by grinding machine since the color is permeated so deep into the wall.

You can see the result of bathroom renovation work with the 2 rules. We used same cabinet color and material of kitchen in bathroom which gives you no feeling of “wrongness” when you walk though the entire condo. Bathroom floor and shower wall materials are the latest model which not only look better but also more comfortable, maintenance free and less risk of accidents.

New floor and wall material

Floor and wall renovation is always the last step of entire renovation work, replacing old on-floor air-conditioning units and floor heating system require new floor after the replacement work. Oak, Acacia, Birch, Cedar, Cypress, Walnut, Cheek and Karin are major floor materials, and each material has dark and light color. This never gets too difficult than choosing other materials since you can follow the color of kitchen and bathroom you already selected.

We choose white Oak which is close to the original floor color though whiter. Using whiter color reflects sun light and give you fresh feeling.

See the difference.


Well planned renovation work will refresh old condo and add extra value for both leasing and selling. With a renovation planner who has lots of good idea and tips, getting more profit than the total cost of renovation is guaranteed.

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