Japan Relocation Services

Welcome to Japan- All relocation services are supported.

When you are relocating your self or your employee from oversea, the very first step you take is applying for a Certificate of Eligibility(so called “COE”) at Tokyo Immigration Bureau so that you or the employee can obtain VISA at Japanese embassy or counsel in your country. HP Relocation Service provides personalized and cost-effective service in COE/VISA application process so that you do not have to worry about it.

Daily Expat Support- For what you need in everyday life in Japan.

HP Expat Support Team also helps you with every required administrative procedures upon your arrival. Our consultant will take you to local city hall for Address and so called “Hanko” seal registration, Child medical care and Child support allowance application, obtaining resident certificate and Tax records. Our consultant supports you to open a bank account in Japan to start your payroll smoothly. When you would like drive a car in Japan, our consultant supports you to obtain a Japanese driving license or converting your original driving license to a Japanese license. All of required administrative procedures for extending your stay in Japan and your repatriation will be supported by our consultant.

Our inclusive package includes all of above-mentioned support without *extra cost. For more details, please kindly contact our relocation service consultant.

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Tokyo Magic Number-24 Hours Help Line

Tokyo Magic Number, is known among the expat community as a number to call when in need of help. There are roughly 447,000 expats in Tokyo and except the very lucky few than can speak fluent Japanese, those are a whole bunch of non-speaking individuals that will have many occasions which difficult to be handled by them-self. To help our customers from such a difficult situations with their everyday living, Hokuo Planning have this free hotline for basic questions about Tokyo that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our customers can call for everything from finding the address and directions of hospitals, cinemas, parks, restaurants, clubs, department stores, art districts, and assist you with the taxi driver, doctors and shop staffs. The representatives speak both your language and Japanese.

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