1. Renting a House or Apartment/住まいを借りる

    Finding a Home in central Tokyo with HP Housing Service. We list thousands of rental properties with latest updates. You can check what is available on the rental market today. お客様の持つイメージに沿って、定められた予算や社宅規定を守りつつ、理想的な住まいをお探しいたします。
  2. Buying or Selling Property/住まいを買う 住まいを売る

    HP provides you full-range of services for buying or selling a House or Apartment in Japan including listing of properties, legal and tax consultation, and arranging financing. 1984年の創業以来、国内外の多数のお客様への不動産売買仲介実績がございます。売買に伴う全ての手続きを宅建士の資格を持つバイリンガルスタッフが対応いたします。
  3. Office and Commercial Property/オフィス店舗を借りる 事業用物件を買う

    When you need successful start or expansion of your business, HP offers many fine office and commercial properties for rent or buy in central Tokyo. 新事業立ち上げやオフィスや店舗の移転に伴う諸問題解決に経験豊富なバイリンガルスタッフがお客様の要望に合わせたご提案を致します。また事業用物件の売却のご相談も受け付けております。
  4. Japan Relocation Service/日本での在留資格申請手続き 在留期間中の諸手続きを頼む

    When you are relocating to Japan, you need personalized and cost effective relocation services for yourself and each one of your family. HP Relocation Service provides full packaged services required stress-free transition into new life in Japan. 入管手続きや海外からの転入に伴う様々な問題解決に豊富な経験を持つ専任スタッフが赴任から帰任まで一貫してサポート致します。

We have No secrets, all useful tips of life in Japan are shared.

HP Relocation Service has collected many useful tips from the experience with our precious clients in many years for many small but necessary issues which you need to take care after moving in Japan. We offer to share the tips so that you do not need to spend time and go though the same experience which we have done!

  1. How to rent an apartment and house for expats in TokyoHow to rent an apartment and house for expats in Tokyo -Part 1
  2. International Clinic in TokyoPart 1- Where can we see a doctor who can speak English and Chinese?
  3. Driving License Renewal Part 2Part 2-What is my renewal process at DMV?
  4. Driving License Renewal Part 1Part 1-When do I need to renew my Japanese driving license?
  5. Driving License Conversion Part 5Part 5- Are you ready to take "driving test"? Let's double-check!
  6. Driving License Conversion Part 4Part 4-Application steps and taking Japanese Eye check
  7. Driving License Conversion Part 3Part 3-Are you familiar with Japanese traffic signs?
  8. Driving License Conversion Part 2Part 2-Now you know you need to take "driving test". What to be prepared?

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